Safety for human-machine collaboration
FAULHABER has brought to market a new series of Motion Controllers with redundant safety shutdown according to the STO ...

High performance in the palm of your hand
The new 1660 ... BHx series sets new standards: with respect to dimensions and weight, it delivers high speed and ...

FAULHABER catalogue 2018 - Every beginning needs drive
Physicists are still uncertain about whether the universe really was created by the big bang. However at FAULHABER, we ...

New powerful linear motor LM 1483
The new LM 1483, with a continuous force of 6.2 N and a peak force up to 18.4 N, fits perfectly in to the current ...

The 3D VIEW of Mars
Microbe research at a depth of 10,000 meters. A pump that simplifies life with diabetes.


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