FAULHABER BXT, Power in new dimensions


FAULHABER BXT, Power in new dimensions More and more applications in the areas of robotics, prosthetics, laboratory automation, medical device technology, pumps, and aircraft cabin equipment require high torque in a very short length.

FAULHABER has raised the bar in the area of high performance, external rotor, slotted drives with the introduction of the FAULHABER BXT family of flat brushless DC motors. 

Thanks to innovative winding technology and an optimised design, the motors are just 14, 16 and 21 mm in length but deliver torques up to 134 mNm, within a diameter of 22 mm, 32 mm and 42 mm respectively. They are designed for a continuous output power up to 100 W and thus significantly exceed benchmarks in this class of drives, particularly with respect to the ratio between the torque to length, volume and weight, which benefits applications where available space is at a premium.

As a standard, these new products come equipped with digital Hall sensors. They are designed for speeds of up to 10,000 rpm and can be combined with a wide variety of gears, encoders, brakes and drive electronics from the extensive FAULHABER product range. FAULHABER specializes in modifications to the mechanical and electrical interfaces of the motors to provide solutions configured to each application. The motors feature standard single lead wires and thus offer a flexible electrical interface with multiple industrial connectors.

2214 BXT R; 2214 BXT H; 3216 BXT R; 3216 BXT H; 4221 BXT R; 4221 BXT H  

BXT shortform

 Technical Data  2214 BXT R  3216 BXT R  4221 BXT R  
 Nominal Voltage  6, 12, 24  9, 12, 24  18, 24, 48  V
 Rated Torque  10,6  41  134  mNm
 Starting torque  29,6  263  1390  mNm
 Speed up to  10000   rpm 
 Number of pole pairs  7  - 
 Efficiency max.   73  83  88  % 
 Rotor inertia  3,3   18,3  69  gcm2
 Mass  25,2  57,9  127  g
 Temperature range  -40 … +100   °C
 For combination  with  Planetary Gearheads,  Speed Controller