"Feel the Power" of a new generation Motion Controller V 3.0


"Feel the Power" of a new generation Motion Controller V 3.0 Decentralised intelligence and the capacity for real-time communication with higher level process control technology and flexibility in usage applications are requirements for cutting-edge drive systems within the context of networked industry (cf. company box) has taken appropriate action and developed a new generation of motion controllers. Like the existing products and the products that continue to be available, the new generation V3.0 is also perfectly coordinated to DC-micromotors from our own portfolio but not limited to them. New devices can be integrated into the most varied environments via interfaces such as RS232, USB, CANopen or EtherCAT.

Three device variants cover different application areas:

The Motion Controller MC 5005 and MC 5010 with housing and plug connectors are designed for use in switch cabinets or in devices.

Motion control systems as servomotors with integrated Motion Controller are already pre-configured and makes it possible for use directly in the automation environment. An intelligent modular system makes it possible to integrate diverse brushless and brush-commutated DC servomotors into standardised housing.

The MC 5004 motion controller is designed for use in existing housing as an open plug-in card. An optionally available motherboard make it easy to get started in multi-axis applications.

All three versions use the same technology basis, offer the same interfaces options, the same operating philosophy and the same functionality. 

MC 5010 SMC 5005 SMC 5004 P

 Technical Data  MC 5010 S  
 Interface  RS232, USB, CANopen, EtherCAT  
 Supply voltage  12 - 50  V
 Continuous current  Up to 10  A
 Peak current  Up to 30  A
 Temperature range  -40 … +85  °C   
 Motor types  DC, BLDC, LM  
 Inputs/Outputs  3 Dig., 2 Analogue, / 2 Dig.  
 Additional functions  Touch probe input, Connection of second  encoder, control of holding  brake  

MCS servodrivesMCS 3242 BX4MCS 3268 BX4

 Technical Data  MCS 3268…BX4 RS/CO / ET  
 Interface  RS232, USB, CANopen, EtherCAT  
 Supply voltage  12 - 50  V
 Continuous torque  96  mNm 
 Peak torque  190  mNm 
 Temperature range  -40 … +85  °C   
 Protection class, V  ring  IP 54  
 Inputs/Outputs  3 Dig., 2 Analogue, / 2 Dig.  
 For combination with  Planetary Gearheads, Lead screw