High precision - thanks to the optical measuring principle


High precision - thanks to the optical measuring principle The new IER3 and IERS3 encoders from FAULHABER FAULHABER expands its portfolio with the high-precision IER3 and IERS3 encoders. Both encoders deliver 2 channel quadrature signals and an additional index signal. The encoders are highly precise thanks to the optical measuring principle. Regarding accuracy and signal quality they stand out compared to encoders with other measuring principles. A FAULHABER DC-micromotor or brushless DC-Servomotor can be positioned with a typical accuracy of 0.1° – 0.3° with the IER3 and IERS3. The encoders are therefore the ideal solution for high-precision positioning applications.

The encoders can be combined with the graphite-commutated FAULHABER DC-micromotor of series CXR and CR starting with a diameter of 22 mm and with the brushless DC-servomotors of series BX4 and BP4. 

The IER3 and IERS3 optical encoders are perfectly suited to demanding positioning applications such as those in medical technology, laboratory automation, measuring technology or in optical systems due to very high accuracy and repeatability. The optical encoders can also be used in automation technology, for example, in semiconductor manufacturing or in robotics. 

As the optical encoders are resistant to strong magnetic interferences, they are also well suited for applications with magnetic interferences such as in tomography or image processing. 

IER3-10000 (L)IERS3-500 (L)

 Technical Data  Series IER3-10000 (L)  Series IERS3-500 (L)  
 Lines per  revolution  1000 … 10000  250 … 500  
 Supply voltage  4.5 … 5.5  4.5 … 5.5  V
 Channels  2 + 1 Index  2 + 1 Index  rpm
 Current cons.  typ. 25, max. 40  typ. 17, max. 20  mA 
 Temperature  range  -20 … +85  -20 … +85  °C
 Phase shift  90 +/- 20  90 +/- 20  °e 
 Frequency range  250 … 1000  55 … 110  °kHz 
 Accuracy  typ. 0.1 – 0.3  typ. 0.3  °m
 Repeatability  typ. 0.05  typ. 0.05  °m