Less than seven millimetres for precisely fitting encoder


Less than seven millimetres for precisely fitting encoder The BXT motor family, comprising brushless DC-motors with especially short design, was expanded with the diameter-complaint IEF3-4096 magnetic encoder.

With just 6.2 mm of additional length, the motor/encoder units also remain extremely short. In addition, the encoder is fully integrated in the robust motor housing. In this flat design, the IEF3-4096 offers three channels with index function and a high resolution of up to 4096 lines per revolution.  Furthermore, a variant with line driver is available with the IEF3-4096 L.  The encoder can be combined with the 2214…BXT H, 3216…BXT H and 4221…BXT H housed BXT motors.

The combination of the BXT motors with the IEF3-4096 encoder is the ideal solution if it is necessary to precisely position in a constrained space and high torques are also required. Typical applications are found in robotics, medical technology, laboratory automation and industrial automation. The encoder is connected with a ribbon cable; suitable connectors are available.


 Technical Data  Series IEF3-4096(L)  
 Lines per  revolution  16 … 4096  -
 Supply voltage  4.5 … 5.5  V
 Channels  3 (A, B + I)   -
 Current cons.  typ. 25, max. 40  mA 
 Temperature  range  -40 … +100  °C
 Phase shift  90 +/- 45 to 90 +/-75   °e 
 Additional Length  6,2  mm
 Accuracy  typ. 0.5  °m
 Repeatability  typ. 0.08  °m