NEW 10 mm Motor Doubles Output Torque


NEW 10 mm Motor Doubles Output Torque  The huge improvement in power and torque achieved by the 1024…SR series is based on a redesign of nearly all of the motor’s elements, including a new coil, a new commutation system and a new magnet. This results in a significantly wider speed range under load, delivering a continuous torque of 1.5 mNm at 7500 rpm and exhibiting an output power above 3W. The voltage can be chosen between 3V and 12V.

The 1024…SR motor is ideal for high-demand applications, and its ability to offer high performance with small dimensions and low weight make it a good choice for all portable devices. Its low vibration levels enable its use in high accuracy applications, such as in optical equipment or high precision tools. An optional ball bearing version makes it also suitable for applications with radial loads. The motor is also available with a second shaft end, in a vacuum and in an extended temperature range version -30 to +125°C.


 Technical Data  Series 1024 ... SR  
 Nominal voltage  3, 6, 9, 12  V
 Output Power  2,9  W
 No-load Speed  12300  rpm
 Stall Torque  4,6  mNm 
 Rated Torque  1,6  °mNm
 Slope of n-M Curve  2678  rpm/mNm 
 Operating  Temperature Range  -30 … +85  °C
 For combination with  Spur and Planetary Gearheads  Magnetic and Optical Encoders