New PiezoMotor LL06


New PiezoMotor LL06 New LL06 linear motor is based on know-how of LL10. New design provide solution with linear guides and integrated optical linear encoder. Using the linear guides helps to reach better repeatability.

The old design was redesigned to smaller dimensions, now is the motor only 7 mm thin without encoder. The optical incremental encoder has resolution 1,25 µm, absolute precision -+ 3 µm and repeatability 1,25 µm. Temperature range -20 up to +70°C.   

 Technical Data  Series LL06  
 Stall force  6,5  N
 Holding force  7  N
 Recommended operating range  0-3   N
 Maximum voltage  48  V
 Housing material  Stainless Steel  -
 Speed range  0-15  mm/s 
 Temperature range  -20 … +70  °C
 Weight  16  g

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