New powerful linear motor LM 1483


New powerful linear motor LM 1483 The new LM 1483, with a continuous force of 6.2 N and a peak force up to 18.4 N, fits perfectly in to the current portfolio of FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors, and gives the customer a complete performance range with continuous force from 1.02 N to 9.2 N and a peak force from 2.74 N up to 27.6 N.

As for the other models in this family, the new LM 1483 combines highly dynamic motion (acceleration up to 220 m/s2) with high precision and repeatability (down to 120 μm and 40 μm respectively).

The LM 1483 measures 14 x 20 x 83 mm with a 6 mm diameter rod, it is available with different stroke lengths ranging from 20 to 80 mm. In addition, the stainless steel rod has welded end caps which provide a robust and reliable interface to the application.

LM 1483 11/12

 Technical Data  Series LM 1483 11/12  
 Continuous Force  6,2  N
 Peak Force  18,4  N
 Acceleration  up to 220  m/s2
 Speed  up to 2,1  m/s 
 Repeatability  40  µm
 Precision  120-180  µm
 Mass  117-132  g
 For combination with  Motion Controller