Powerful and extremely miniaturised


Powerful and extremely miniaturised With the new MC3001 motion controllers, available as MC 3001 B (board-to-board connectors) or MC3001P (28-pin plug connector), FAULHABER completes the MC V3.0 generation of controllers for smaller motor series.

The controllers are extremely miniaturised and, with 1.4 amperes in continuous operation and up to 5 amperes peak current, are very powerful. They are designed as slaves for control and positioning tasks of DC-micromotors, linear DC servomotors or brushless DC-motors.

The new MC 3001 are unhoused versions of the FAULHABER motion controllers and, by means of the integrated output stage with optimized current measurement, can control DC-micromotors, linear DC-servomotors or brushless DC-motors from the FAULHABER product line from 6 to 30 millimeters. They are configured here via the FAULHABER Motion Manager software V6 (version 6.8 and higher). The very good EMC behaviour of the new motion controllers has been certified by external laboratories.

MC 3001 B; MC 3001 P; relase

 Technical Data  MC 3001 B/P  
 Electronic supply   6...30 V
 Motor supply   6...30 V
 Max. continous output current   1 (B) / 1,4 (P)  A
 Temperature range   -40...+85 °C
 Dimensions   16x27 (B) / 23x30 (P) mm
 Peak current   5 A
 Mass   2 / 5 g
 For configuration via   Motion Manager 6.8  -
 For combination with    DC, BL, and LM motors -
 Interface   RS232, CANopen, USB -