Stepper Motor AM3248


Stepper Motor AM3248 With its speed and torque, the new AM3248 stepper motor from FAULHABER raises the bar in terms of performance and dimensions.

Offering up to 10,000 rpm, it can achieve five times the speed of comparable stepper motors. Combined with a gearhead reduction of 100:1, it supplies a torque of 5 Nm. The motor delivers these values with a diameter of just 32 mm. This makes it ideally suited for a wide range of applications in areas such as aerospace, laboratory automation, large optical systems, the semiconductor industry, robotics and 3D printing.


 Technical Data  AM3248  
 Nom. current 0,7  A
 Nom. Holding Torque  85   mNm 
 Boost current  1,4  A
 Boost Holding Torque 152  mNm 
 Temperature range  -30 ... 70 °C
 Max. speed 10000  rpm
 Max axial load @5000 rpm  10  N
 Full step angle  7,5  °