Stepper motor DM66200H


Stepper motor DM66200H With its DM66200H series, FAULHABER is opening up a whole new dimension in performance for motors with internal opening (aperture).

As a direct drive, the new hollow shaft motor operates backlash-free and can be integrated into different applications with very limited effort. It achieves impressive performance values in terms of both speed and torque. Its exceptionally wide aperture has a diameter as large as 40 mm! The drive is characterised by low weight and an extremely slim design. Thanks to minimal wear (bearing only), it is ideal for maintenance-free continuous operation. 


 Technical Data  DM66200H  
 Nom. current  A
 Nom. Holding Torque  307    mNm 
 Boost current   A
 Boost Holding Torque 581  mNm 
 Temperature range  -30 ... 70 °C
 Max. speed 2000  rpm
 Max axial load @2000 rpm  100   N
 Full step angle  1,8   °